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The NanoTherm® therapy

Treating brain tumors gently and effectively.

NanoTherm® therapy is a relatively new procedure for the focal treatment of solid tumors. Summarised in simple terms: Magnetic nanoparticles are introduced either directly into the tumor or into the resection cavity wall. These particles are subsequently heated by an alternating magnetic field, thus destroying the cancer cells.

Nanoparticles are tiny particles of iron oxide that are suspended - very finely distributed - in water, having a diameter of approximately 15 nanometres – while one nanometer corresponds one millionth millimetre. As soon as they are applied, they agglomerate and remain like an implant in the tissue to be treated. An alternating magnetic field, which changes its polarity up to 100,000 times per second, subsequently causes the particles to generate heat.

Depending on the therapeutic temperatures reached in the tumor or in individual remaining cancer cells in the resection cavity wall and the length of treatment, cancer cells are thereby irreparably destroyed, or they are weakened and made more sensitive to concomitant radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The way in which the nanoparticles are applied is decided individually by the attending neurosurgeon.

This new technology makes it possible to fight the tumor from the inside out or to ensure that individual remaining tumor cells in the resection cavity wall - which may be responsible for recurrence - can be fought and destroyed after the surgical removal of the tumor. The surrounding healthy tissue is spared since the particles remain at the site of application due to their special surface structure.

1 ml magnetic liquid. 17 quadrillion iron oxide nanoparticles.

In the centre of treatment: NanoTherm® – ferrofluid developed and patented by MagForce. This liquid contains nanoparticles containing iron oxide, which react to the magnetic fields caused by the NanoActivator.

The particles have special, so-called superparamagnetic properties that occur only in the nano range. This makes it possible for the polarity to change a hundred thousand times per second, which generates the desired heat.

The NanoTherm® particles can be very finely distributed in water and precisely introduced into the tumor due to the patented aminosilane coating. In addition, this coating ensures that the nanoparticles remain chemically and pharmacologically inert in the human body, and that the NanoTherm® ferrofluid agglomerates in the tissue. So it remains at the place where it was introduced for a long time, as desired, and does not penetrate into the surrounding healthy tissue. All these features make the NanoTherm® magnetic liquid unique and are the prerequisite for the feasibility of NanoTherm® therapy.

Optimal planning for optimum results.

The software developed by MagForce NanoPlan® supports the attending physician in preparing the ideal treatment plan for the NanoTherm® therapy. A fusion of the imaging before and after the introduction of the nanoparticles serves as the basis. Computed tomography after the insertion graphically depicts in detail how the nanoparticles are distributed in the tumor. The physician can then determine the treatment temperatures and the appropriate strength of the alternating magnetic field with the help of this treatment plan.

The application of the software is intuitive and guides the user from querying the required measured variables to the individual result. This includes a three-dimensional representation of the tumor, an overview of the applied nanoparticle deposits and the precise position of the thermometry catheter, which is used for temperature monitoring during treatment in the alternating magnetic field.

In addition, an accurate estimation possible of the temperature distribution in the marked areas is shown as a function of the field strength. The attending physician can use the software to modify the parameters, simulate different treatment scenarios and determine an optimal magnetic field strength for the treatment.

The alternating magnetic field generator.

The alternating magnetic field generator. NanoTherm® therapy is conducted in an specially designed applicator where magnetic field alternate, the patented NanoActivator®. The patient lies on the bed and is exposed to a rapidly changing magnetic field at the desired body location. The rapid alternation of the polarity causes the iron oxide particles of the magnetic liquid NanoTherm® to change polarity. Thus the therapeutic treatment temperatures are being generated during the process.